Intellectual Output 3 in progress…

IO3: Modular training programme for the photovoltaic trainer with regard to ECVET requirements is in progress.

Output 3 includes the following interim results:
1) The methodology of developing a modular training programme (in English)
It is proposed that the modular training programme for the photovoltaic trainer will be developed using modified MES methodology (Modules of Employable Skills) developed by the ILO. The modification will be to simplify the documentation in reference to the best practices identified in the partner countries. The guidelines of ECVET, EQAVET, EQF/NQF (levels of qualifications, professional competences, units of learning outcomes, learning outcomes, assessment and validation of competences, the number of credit points, quality assutance in VET) will be considered. The structure of modules and modular units will be preserved. The modules will be assigned to qualifications whereas the modular units to learning outcomes or professional tasks described by sets of knowledge, skills and social competences. It is envisaged that two – three qualifications (two – three modules) will be described: one referring to professional training credentials (aproximetly 4 modular units) and the other to the content-related credentials within the field of photovoltaics supplemented by the foreign language for practical use in the workplace (aproximetly 8 modular units). The developed modular units and packages will take account of the specificities of the partner countries.
The final quantity of the qualifications and modular units depends on the competence standard for PV trainer (O2).
2) A modular training program with an indication of possibility to achieve the learning outcomes through distance learning and stationary education (in English)
The starting point for the development of the training programme will be the outcomes of the job tasks analysis included in the standard of professional competences. The modular program will encompass the learning outcomes that can be achieved through learning at the workplace.
It is envisaged that the modular training programme will be subjected to assess by two independent external experts in the course of its revision.
3) An improved, final modular training program (in English and national languages of the partner countries)
Based on the report from the Multiplier Events (E1-E4), the modular programme will be improved. The final version will be translated into the languages of the partner countries. The programme is intended to be distributed to a wide audience through e-mails and social networks.
Modular training program for the photovoltaic trainer will provide a direct basis for the development of O4 and O5.
It is assumed that the modular programme will meet the examination requirements and form the basis for the task O6.

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