National Event in Spain

The Multiplier Event in Spain took place the 18th of July 2019 in the premises of FEMEVAL (Valencian Federation of Metallurgic Companies in the Region) and in collaboration with Alfa Desarrollo a training centre specialised in sectors such as engineering, architecture, infrastructures, solar panels and projects at national and regional level related to energy efficiency.

In total, 12 people attended the Multiplier Event. They were mainly owners of SMEs, trainers and students related directly or indirectly to the photovoltaic field of knowledge. The agenda included a brief introduction of Fundación Equipo Humano, the EUPV Trainer project and an overview of the main aspects of it. This part described the different roles of each of the partners in the consortium; the main and specific objectives of the project; the main target group; the proposed innovation of the project and the activities during the implementation of the project (stakeholder’s relationship, studies, recommendations, training development, meetings of partners, final conference, etc.)

Following this part, a brief description of the activities and main working documents in each Intellectual Output were explained. It focused on the objectives in each case, the methodology implemented, the involvement of each partners and the final outcome. Questions and doubts were solved in the meantime.

Finally, practical activities were carried out on the EUPV Training platform. Attendees were able to login on the platform, navigate through them and do some exercises. All of them did a few of the exercises in collaboration with the moderator in the Multiplier Event. Several questionnaires were jointly done. Then, attendees had the chance of going through the platform on their own and so practical exercises. A final debate took place about the situation of the photovoltaic sector situation at national level, recent changes in the law, the usefulness of the training and the quality of the materials

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